Coffee, Tea, Or Me?


This howling white wolf lives on a large wolf preserve in Salem, NY–less than an hour from NYC. Fortunately, his howl is scarier than his bite.

Announcing a Starbucks Photo Exhibit: For the second time in 6 months my photos have been selected for display at the Starbucks in Fishkill, NY, a few miles from my home and studio/test lab. Perhaps it’s payback for all the coffee I drink there, or  the positive feedback the management received from my first exhibit (Oct. to Dec, 2010). Either way, since it’s the busiest Starbucks in NY state outside of NYC (with over 23,000 customers passing through each month), it’s great exposure. And ideally it will raise local awareness of my work and open up doors at galleries in the area. Now, if only I could barter the showing for free coffee I might break even by April…

The new exhibit’s theme is Nature Nearby (within 30 miles of the Starbucks store.) As a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley, I’ve found more than my share of beautiful places (and animals) to photograph, and the ones on the wall at Starbucks are a small sampling of my favorites. So far, the shots of two wolves have gotten the most feedback––probably because very few folks are aware that dozens of wild wolves (including a pair of rare Red Wolves) are living on a preserve in nearby Salem, NY. (visit the Wolf Conservation Center for more info.) I got a chance to go behind the scenes while doing a story for Popular Photography magazine back in 2007, and actually got bitten by the white wolf in the photo above (that sounds more dramatic than the fact that he grabbed hold of my shoe and wouldn’t let go until the Preserve’s Director tossed him a few pieces of venison for dinner. But it might explain the excessive hair growth I experience during the full moon.)

The prints on the wall range in size from 24 x 36 to 18 x 24, and all were made using pigment ink printers (either the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 or Canon ImagePROGRAF 6300). They look much better as large prints, but if you can’t drop in to see the show, check out the following gallery (click on any image to move into the large screen view). The last image in the gallery is a map showing the location for each photo, and if you want a Google Earth file that shows the general location of each area photo, download this small .kml file and open it in Google Earth.

In case you missed the exhibit last Fall, I’m including another gallery of photos that were shown then. A bit more widespread in terms of geographic locations, ranging from a photo shot in Amsterdam to images from my UN documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy!!

PS: These photos are all for sale–but right now I’m in the midst of setting up a dedicated URL for that purpose. In the meantime, if you’re interested in purchasing a print of one of these photos, contact me at

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Michael J. McNamara
Michael J. McNamara

Michael J. McNamara is the Editor-in-Chief of the McNamara Report, Director of In-Depth Focus Labs, and former Exec. Technology Editor at Popular Photography Magazine. His photo and video portfolios can be viewed at

  • gary morgan

    hi mike took your advice and stopped at the starbucks. nice array of pics; was the bee coming out of the flower one of the ones taken when i was next to you at your brothers? and question: the cave and the waterfall; where are they? i was unable to see the map(either im too short or the lights were not bright enough to view the map..) have you had any chance to get shots of the red wolves? which canon camera took those shots? do i have to upgrade my camera, or simply get a better printer?