Wednesday | April 23, 2014

Cover Story: Outdoor Photographer: First Look at Sony SLT-A35

cover-story-aug-2011cIf an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does a cover story a month keep away? Now that I’ve had a several in a row with Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo Pro magazines, I think the answer is “obscurity” in an industry with a very short attention span. Regardless of the long term benefits, it sure makes my day when I discover that I’ve landed another one on the newsstands. Check out this month’s story, and if you want to see the SLT-A35 and the NEX-C3 in action, watch the First Look video on YouTube.

SONY SLT-A35: For $699 with 18-55mm zoom kit lens, this 16.2MP camera offers a ton of features including an electronic viewfinder, image stabilization built-in, a large 3-inch LCD monitor, and fast AF in movie and live view modes.

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Michael J. McNamara

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