cover story Sept. 2011

Cover Story On Sub-$1,000 HDSLRs In Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Ready to upgrade from a compact camera to a more-capable DSLR? Or looking to trade in your old DSLR for a newer, faster, video-capable model that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Check out the roundup I wrote in this month’s Outdoor Photographer magazine.

Big-Time DSLRs Under $1,000
Packed with power, advanced features and high performance, the latest sub-$1,000 ­­HD SLRs are outstanding options for serious nature photographers
By Michael J. McNamara

It’s hard to believe that the very first DSLR was introduced only 20 years ago, but that’s ancient history in the world of digital cameras. Priced at an astronomical $26,000 for the basic color model, the Kodak DCS-100 had a jury-rigged, 1.3-megapixel camera back attached to a Nikon F3 film SLR and a shoebox-sized 200 MB hard drive that slung painfully over your shoulder. By today’s standards, the DCS-100 was a real clunker—but the same can be said of any DSLR that’s more than five years old, as recent advancements in digital camera technologies have upped the performance ante dramatically in DSLRs from entry level to professional grade. Now, if you’re a serious photographer who can’t justify spending several grand on a rugged, full-frame DSLR, or even a pro looking for an affordable, lightweight backup camera and one that just happens to record great video, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the features and performance found in DSLRs costing under $1,000.


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Michael J. McNamara

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