Dive into my Google Earth Multimedia (GEM) Journal on the Great Barrier Reef

One of the most exciting and challenging photo projects I’ve ever tackled took place in Sept. 2009 while on assignment for UNESCO’s World Heritage Photo Project. The week I spent diving and exploring the Great Barrier Reef was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget, and one that I strived to capture with the images, stories, and HD videos I brought back with me. But as the project progressed, I began to wonder: how could I share the awe-inspiring beauty of the reef and the fascinating creatures that dwell there with an audience that wants more than a digital slide show?

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Michael J. McNamara
Michael J. McNamara

Michael J. McNamara is the Editor-in-Chief of the McNamara Report, Director of In-Depth Focus Labs, and former Exec. Technology Editor at Popular Photography Magazine. His photo and video portfolios can be viewed at www.McPhotoVideo.com.

  • Lloyd Casey

    Mike the footage is just spectacular and by including the sounds as heard by the divers in the Shark Feeding Frenzy video, the only sensations missed by the viewer is the enchantment of being wet and beneath the Coral Sea. All the very best to you and yours mate.



  • Johnny Bravo


  • Charlotte74

    Fantastic. I was at the Great Barrier Reef back in 97, had a brilliant time.

  • LauLau81

    Brilliant post!!The photo is definitely awesome!!

  • Charlotte74

    “Fantastic. I was at the Great Barrier Reef back in 97, had a brilliant time.”

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