New Camera Trends: Small Frame vs Full Frame–Which One For You?

dppgirlsThe Nov. 2012 issue of DigitalPhotoPro Magazine has an incredibly hot cover photo by photo-duo Markus and Indrani, but is it hotter than my LEAD story on New Camera Trends? Check it out on page 86 of the newsstand issue, which includes a much better layout and larger photos than the free online version.

I think my original title “APS-C: Does the bell toll for thee?” had a better ring to it (pardon the pun!) but the story is actually about other camera formats in addition to APS-C, and I’m not one to argue with an editor who gives me prime real estate on the cover. Now, perhaps he could help me track down the cover model/actress, Brooklyn Decker, so I can get my personal copy signed?? 🙂

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Michael J. McNamara
Michael J. McNamara

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